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Yuki 2023: Ei Ja Nai Ka and a special message

Ei Ja Nai Ka : "Isn't it Good?"

Ei Ja Nai Ka was written by PJ Hirabayashi, who is a pioneer in North American Taiko. Please see this special message from PJ regarding Ei Ja Nai Ka in Calgary:

Pack your dancing shoes for Sunday! During the concert, we will present a short dance tutorial for one of our pieces: Ei Ja Nai Ka. Following the demonstration, the audience will be called to the stage to participate and dance with us while we play taiko, chant, and dance together!

If you are unsure about dancing in public, don't worry you can study beforehand! It will be new for most people, the dance steps are easy, and there will be lots of us to follow along as you go! Let go and enjoy the moment!

Ei Ja Nai Ka celebrates our Japanese American history. The dance movements commemorate the hard work and perseverance of the Issei, who were the first generation of immigrants from Japan.
  • Dig dig, pick pick

  • Gather, gather, gather

  • Sweat, sweat

  • Big wheel

  • Toss the net

Video example of San Jose Taiko demonstrating the dance steps. More information can be found on the composer's website at: PJ's website: . We highly recommend reading all about Ei Ja Nai Ka so that you can fully appreciate the scope of the piece when you see it!

Yama no Oto was honoured to bring PJ to Calgary in July 2022 for the very first Calgary Taiko Gathering to teach Ei Ja Nai Ka to the taiko community who had gathered for the conference. After the conference, PJ gifted a very special pair of TaikoPeace bachi (drumsticks) to Paula, which are a very kind reminder of her history and roots. Thank you for coming to Calgary PJ!


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