Learning Taiko can be an awesome way to engage a new hobby, get in shape, experience Japanese culture, and just meet some great new people along the way! 

Due to COVID-19 public health guidelines, taiko classes and workshops are available online! Optional outdoor sessions may also be included (in the NW University of Calgary area), but are not guaranteed due to weather and current public health orders. Further details are provided upon registration. Taiko students can learn how to play the drums in a safe, recreational environment, and there may also performing opportunities for advanced players who are interested and know the performance repertoire. 

INTRODUCTION TO TAIKO: registration open

This single-day workshop is intended for anyone who would like to try taiko for the first time. Everything for your first taiko experience will be provided (sticks and drumming surface that can be properly sanitized), and you will learn about the artform and be able to try it out! This outdoor session will be dependent on the weather and current public health orders (further details included with registration).

Dates: Sunday July 5 or Aug 9 @ 5 pm

Tuition: $10 per person

Registration: please contact

TAIKO TUESDAYS: ongoing registration 

FREE online taiko drill sessions for beginner to intermediate taiko players. Some taiko knowledge is recommended, but not required, and you will need your own drumming surface and bachi. Please register for access to the online link.

Dates: June 30, July 14, July 28, Aug 11

Tuition: Free

Registration: please contact

DOKOKARA: registration closed

Learn the fun and exciting piece Dokokara, composed by Yuta Kato. Video of Dokokara.

Previous beta taiko experience is necessary, and you will need your own drumming surface and bachi (Please contact if you need assistance). 

OMIYAGE (SHIME/OKEDO): registration closed

Have you learned the naname part of Omiyage? The next step is learning the shime/okedo part! You'll need two different drum surfaces for this class, preferably with different sounds or tones. Please contact if you need assistance. Video of the full piece Omiyage.