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MRU Mid-Year Recital

The TransAlta Pavilion was booming with taiko, for the Mid-Year Recital! Students from all Fall classes participated in the recital, showing their friends and family what they've learned!

Rocky Mountain Taiko performer Holger began teaching the Youth Taiko class, who opened the recital with a piece that they wrote themselves! The adult classes followed, with RMTE members showing their skills that they learned in Miyake, Tally Ho, and Dokokara classes in the fall semester. Beginner Taiko performed their beta and naname pieces, as well as the Skills and Drills class, who selected their performance pieces from the drills that they learned (including the ever-popular Monkey Drill!).

We also closed the recital with a short set to perform Omiyage, Jack Bazaar, and Ei Ja Nai Ka (including the dance!). It was a fun way to close the afternoon performance.


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