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Feature Concert at the Bella Concert Hall

After studying with special guests Yuta and David, our members performed in an amazing concert experience at the Bella Concert Hall with them, and also other taiko groups from Alberta.

What a fantastic opportunity to bring together the local taiko community! We don’t get many chances to play together. Kita no Taiko is the oldest taiko group in the province, and performed an original piece that was written by one of the performers who was featured on shinobue. Midnight Taiko, also from Calgary, added strength to their powerful performance. Lethbridge Community Taiko‘s director Marc Vantol performed an energetic community piece along with a couple of friends to help him out!

Along with each individual group, all of the workshop material was also showcased. Each participant worked very hard to put their best bachi forward for an amazing performance.

Members of Rocky Mountain were excited to be performing with new taiko friends: Dokokara, Omiyage, Jack Bazaar, and two of our members performed Hachijo solos. We also performed excerpts from our current performance set: Korekara (with uchiwa dance!), Miyake, and our largest arrangement of Raku yet: with 11 chudaiko!

The Bella has never seen taiko artists of Yuta and David’s calibre, who were the highlight of the program. They performed several pieces including an original composition by David, music for kotobuki jishi (Japanese lion dance), and Yuta’s iconic Hachijo solo.

it was the perfect way to end our workshop experience with Yuta and David, performing onstage with them and the taiko community. We would like to thank Kaede Cultural Society for all their support for this event this week! It was an amazing and unique experience for our members and everyone involved.

Jack Bazaar video:


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