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Chinook Blast 2023: Yuki, Live and In Person!

A few years have passed since our last post in Jan 2021, and the world has changed.

So have we! We are looking forward to the future!

We are currently preparing for our upcoming Winter Showcase entitled: Yuki. This is our third year of producing this event, but however, this year will be the FIRST time that we will be performing it LIVE, in the theatre.

Yuki 2021 was originally planned to be an outdoor performance in the downtown core of Calgary, in the heart of the Chinook Blast festival. Unfortunately, we needed to change plans because of the ongoing COVID pandemic. We hired someone to help us learn how to record properly, individually, in our own homes, because we not even permitted to gather to rehearse. Many hours were spent learning on Zoom, recording in our homes, many Google Drive folders for large files, and doing curbside pickups/dropoffs of rental audio equipment. I dove into video production and learned a lot about click tracks, and syncing individual video clips together to produce a cohesive video series to celebrate taiko in Calgary, in the winter season. (the four-part video series can still be viewed on our Media page)

Yuki 2022, again, was planned for a live performance during the Chinook Blast festival, at the beautiful theatre at cSpace near downtown. Again, COVID thwarted our plans to have a live audience, but this time we were able to produce a livestream concert event with our ensemble performing together onstage. (the livestream can still be viewed on Youtube)

Now, here we are in 2023, producing Yuki for the third time for Chinook Blast, but this time we will have a live audience! Tickets sold out very quickly, and are sold out! We apologize if you wanted to attend but were unable to secure a seat. Don't worry, we will have more taiko performances this year! For Yuki, we are welcoming the taiko students from the Mount Royal University Conservatory, as well as our special guests Yosoca dance group. As we approach the concert date of Feb 5, we will be sharing some fun (and important!) information that will help you enjoy the experience to the fullest. So stay tuned!


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