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Imua: to move forward with strength

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I composed a short, simple Beginner Taiko piece that I could use for introductory taiko classes and school groups. The level is intended for beginner taiko players, or players who have taken time off during COVID and wish to revisit the basics of taiko while having fun learning a new piece that is relatively simple to learn.

The beats and movement are rooted more in strength, which seemed appropriate for 2020 to focus on strength and moving forward. The word Imua crossed my path on social media, and I liked the name and meaning. There is lots of opportunity built in, to discuss taiko basics such as stance, weight distribution, rhythm, syncopation, don and ka technique, dynamics, arm position/movement, playing ji to accompany the melody, and interlocking parts (just to name a few!).

Sheet Music and general arrangement (fue music to be posted separately):

Imua - Sheet1
Download PDF • 80KB

Practice videos:


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