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Youth Orchestra Symposium at the Banff Centre

When I was in Grade 8, I began taking oboe lessons in Edmonton (2 hour commute) and my teacher recommended that I audition for the Edmonton Youth Orchestra. I remember being really excited when I got my acceptance letter, but also very nervous. I had never played with an orchestra before!

It turned out to be an incredible experience and a great way to be introduced to the orchestra. The experience stayed with me for my whole high school career, and even after moving to Calgary, I was so enthusiastic about Youth Orchestra that I auditioned for the Calgary Youth Orchestra during my first year of university as a science student.

I feel incredibly lucky to be invited to teach oboe at the youth orchestra symposium at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Banff is beautiful, and a huge tourist attraction, but to be honest, I usually avoid Banff in favour of more secluded local hiking locations. This is the second year I've taught this symposium, and I still smile when I see that Mr. Massey hasn't really changed much since he conducted me in my first rehearsal!

I love teaching here, and would do it anytime. I also think it would serve as a most excellent venue for taiko gathering .... hmmm....

I enjoyed healthy meals and a chilly hike up Tunnel Mountain with a friend. The last day of teaching ended in the afternoon, after which the annual Banff Santa Claus Day Parade shut down Main Street. My family drove in to enjoy the parade to kick off the Christmas spirit! And we froze our toes off!

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