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MRU Year-End Recital and Potluck

Another successful year of taiko at the MRU Conservatory comes to a close. The year has gone by so quickly, and here we are at the end of the semester!

The Winter Semester runs from Feb-June, and there were several Beginner Taiko classes, Kids Taiko, and the more experienced Ensemble members studied Ready, Set Kadon by Shoji Kameda and Jack Bazaar by Kris Bergstrom. New this semester was the creation of an Intermediate Taiko class. The total number of students has grown, with approximately 55 students in the Winter Semester.

I'm so proud of everyone who performed. From the Kids Class who played a few taiko games (What Time is it, Mr. Shime? Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed), to the fresh Beginners who have only been playing for 8 weeks, to the equally nervous Jack Bazaar class of Ensemble members: it is not easy to get up on stage and play a musical instrument. Bravo everyone!

The Recital was followed by a Potluck BBQ at Sandy Beach, and I'd like to thank HM for coordinating the potluck. We BBQ'd, ate salad (I'd never had watermelon salad before!) and other goodies together, and a yummy taiko cake! It was a beautiful June day, and so much fun to relax with everyone, and enjoy getting to know you in a non-taiko place.

I hope you all have a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you back in the Fall!

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