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Symphony of the Kootenays

My music and taiko world collided (somewhat?) during this weekend with the Symphony of the Kootenays in Cranbrook and Creston, BC.

I really enjoy performing with this group. It's a lot of prep work, as rehearsal time is extremely limited. I was excited to play the Tchaik Romeo and Juliet (even though it's pretty much the cheesiest piece of music from romantic movies), and as the 3rd oboe, I was looking forward to a lighter workload!

I was asked to step into the percussion section, and discovered that I found it much easier to play bass drum while in my taiko stance. I'm sure the others were casting sideways "what is she doing?" glances, but it actually made it easier! Triangle was a whole other ballgame. I've never been so stressed about counting rests.

The weather was great, and as always, my family was along for the ride. We enjoyed our time very much, although our usual lodge was full so we had to stay in a different place. I missed my walks around the lake, especially without Maggie by my side!

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