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Carmen Remixed Music Video and Album Release

Carmen Remixed blew my mind. So much talent, so much collaboration with other arts ... I was truly honoured to be a part of this project.

Calgary soprano Michelle Minke wanted to include taiko on her album Expect the Unexpected:

"Pushing the boundaries of classical opera and making a career out of inspired disruption, Michelle's album, Expect the Unexpected, confidently merges genres and invites creative collaborations across the musical spectrum.

The aptly titled debut album cleverly collides genres and performers you may never expect, such as the country's finest in Beatbox, Jazz, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Rock, Country and Folk. Featuring Juno Award Winner, Al Muirhead, CCMC Award Winners, Mitch Jay and Denis Dufresne of Ghostboy, James Noble, and Canadian Champion Beatboxer, Peterpot."

It was an experience I'll never forget, that is for sure. After the first live performance a few months ago, we worked on a music video and then we also performed at the album release party a week later. The music video is public here: Carmen Remixed

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