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Upcoming workshop: Taiko Skills Day

I am very excited to announce TAIKO SKILLS DAY on Oct 14, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm! The workshop will be held in the Nickle Theatre at Mount Royal University.

This day of taiko will focus on developing specific taiko skills, instead of focusing on learning a new piece of repertoire. These skills are often underdeveloped in taiko players of all experience levels, and my hope is that people can come and focus on their own technique and improve their individual skill level.

Registration is through the Mount Royal Conservatory and the cost is $75. You can register online or call the office at 403-440-6821. You will need the Course Registration Number, which is: CRN 2193.

The day will be divided into three sections: Movement in Taiko, Composition and Soloing, and Percussion skills (and how they relate to taiko). I am excited to involve two new guest instructors who will be helping me teach the workshops.

Marty Hilchey will be teaching Composition and Soloing:

Marty Hilchey was first exposed to Taiko in 2010, during her studies in Ethnomusicology while completing a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies degree at Vancouver Island University. With over 15 years experience playing the saxophone, Marty has grown a great appreciation for music of all genres, but her background lies primarily in the jazz realm. Taiko shares many of the same qualities that Marty relates to most in jazz – rhythm, improvisation and group interaction.

Marty began her performance journey with Taiko during an apprenticeship with Midnight Taiko Kai - Calgary’s local Taiko performance group in 2015 and became a full member of the group in mid-2016.

Marc Vantol will be teaching Percussion Skills (and how they relate to taiko):

Marc Vantol is a professional percussionist and educator working out of Lethbridge, Alberta. He completed his Music Diploma from Red Deer College where he focused on drum set and contemporary styles including Jazz, Latin, Funk, R&B/Hip Hop, Ska, Pop/Rock and Reggae. His passion for music then led him to the University of Lethbridge where he later completed his Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Music and Percussion with distinction. Marc currently works full time as a percussionist teaching and performing in various roles including symphony orchestra, school programs, private teaching, African drum and dance, Arabic percussion, Japanese Taiko, contemporary drum set, and various world music workshops and performances.

It was at the University of Lethbridge where Marc first discovered Taiko, and he has not stopped playing since. With a diverse and inclusive approach to Taiko, Marc has been performing Taiko for over four years, and is the current Music Instructor/Director with Lethbridge Community Taiko Association. His teaching style promotes a fun and safe learning environment focused on encouragement and a passion for music. Marc’s diverse percussion training blends a broad background of experience and various percussion skills together into a comprehensive and inclusive understanding of Taiko technique and playing style. He addresses the subtleties and nuances of stick control and sound, and presents numerous approaches to understanding and utilizing rhythm in various contexts. Marc is continuously humbled and honored to be part of the wonderful and exciting Taiko movement, and for the privilege to work with such a welcoming and inclusive community.

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