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YUKI (meaning SNOW in Japanese) is a unique celebration of taiko during the winter season! Taiko is known for the loud and powerful rhythms combined with elegant movement and finesse. YUKI will showcase the different energies of snow, from graceful snowflakes dancing on a quiet wind, to the furious horizontal snow blizzard.

YUKI is part of Chinook Blast, which is Calgary’s six-week winter festival celebration that brings together partners from the arts, nonprofit, neighbourhood, tourism, and sports communities to create an inclusive event that showcases the best of our city. Our vision is to build a uniquely Calgary winter experience that draws visitors from all corners of Calgary and all around the world. Chinook Blast will run from January 21 - February 27, 2022. Learn more


The Omicron wave of COVID19 hindered our ability to rehearse and properly prepare for YUKI. Rather than cancel our concert, we have instead elected to alter our plans for a virtual concert event released slightly after the official festival dates. The Concert will be recorded in March 2022, and will release via YouTube Live on Friday April 1, 2022. 

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