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Stephen was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec in eastern Canada. He found his passion for taiko when he joined Arashi Daiko, a community based group in Montreal, through the coincidence of unlikely circumstances. Within the group, he has t aken roles to lead practice, teach the student group, and perform in Montreal, nearby provinces, as well as the United States. Stephen's love and passion for taiko has encouraged him to deepen his understanding by further exploring the artform whenever his day job permits. His curiosity has led him to take workshops, intensives, and private lessons with professional taiko artists (including current and ex-Kodo members) in the US and Japan. He is always looking for opportunities to learn and improve his own technique, with a particular interest in traditional pieces and styles of taiko. His analytical approach to taiko looks for intersectionality & commonality, seeking to weave the benefits from core concepts and expand them to fit all styles/forms of taiko.

Stephen's Workshop:

Core engagement and awareness, through Miyake Taiko

Stephen Chan


In this workshop, participants will develop awareness and engagement of their core through a series of exercises aimed at activating relevant muscle groups. These specific exercises have been selected through extensive trial-and-error over the last 10 years in finding what works for Miyake Taiko. Participants will then have the opportunity to apply what they have learned though guided exercises using Miyake Taiko. Leaving the workshop, participants can expect to gain an awareness of their core and have a set of tools to help them further develop this over time.

Participants should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the miyake rhythms, as this will not be taught during the workshop. 


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