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Aki Takahashi is a taiko, shamisen player and folk singer. She studied traditional folk music in Kyoto, and has given shamisen and vocal performances at numerous venues and events.  Since arriving in Canada, Aki has furthered her pursuit of traditional Japanese music with the addition of taiko drumming. Now Associate Artistic Director with pre-eminent Canadian taiko drumming group "Nagata Shachu", and a shamisen and voice instructor at the Bachido Schoolhouse: International Shamisen Community online. She is also the founder of the Japanese folk ensemble "TEN TEN" , which has released four albums of original music and has performed with numerous artists from a variety of other cultural backgrounds and traditions.



Aki's Workshops:

MOCHIZUKI taiko workshop

Aki Takahashi


MOCHI, which are created by steaming and pounding sticky rice, are a favourite treat in Japan. Traditionally, the cooked rice is pounded by large wooden mallets while it is still steaming hot. Making mochi requires a good deal of physical effort, rhythm and coordination. 

This workshop will primarily focus on taiko drumming mimicking the actions of MOCHI pounding. Also, as a group, we will learn how to keep time, connect with others, relax and enjoy moving our bodies.


No experience is necessary, but the willingness to raise your bachi and have fun is.

MOCHIZUKI song workshop

Aki Takahashi


In Japan, many communities hold MOCHI making events. Dancing and singing are often a key part of these joyous festivities.


In this workshop, you will learn to use your voice as a percussive instrument along with the taiko beat. We will create our own rendition of a traditional "MOCHIZUKI (full moon)" celebration.


At the end of the workshop, participants will perform the song by taiko drumming and dance to feel the energy of the "Mochi-Tsuki (pounding)" event.


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